Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

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Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 

This work is the returning to my Roots (Raíces), to my need of going back to explore my own creative ways without pretensions. I wanted to see what I have become, after almost three years without creating anything of my own (Lado B) and it was a big surprise. I feel that I still have much to express and this is only the first step of what will be a long journey.

Roots is a journey of experimentation, search and re-union to my self, that I needed to share. I hope you like it.

November 2017″

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