Morgin Madison – 3AM

Morgin Madison an electronic musician of 7 years, and he has developed a sound brimming with vocal cuts and addictive hooks. This is a cool chill track from his new EP, “All Of This”. Enjoy!

Castle Black – Seeing In Blue

“Hey, hey listen to me!” After Black Dark Light, here is a new song from Castle Black, Brooklyn’s blastin three-member rock band. ‘Seeing In Blue’ comes with a nice official video and fresh, pulsing tunes. You’re gonna love it! Get prepared for dance!

American Runaways – Help Yourself

American Runaways is an Alternative Punk Rock band out of Albany, NY. As their debut EP dropped out, it is time to have a check on it. This is ‘Help Yourself’, the opening song, getting into your ears with dynamic and fresh rock tunes. Enjoy!

Thames – Alta Delta

“The main element of Thames’ music is the message that the band carries. The band prides themselves on their songwriting capabilities to address difficult topics like mental illness, consumerism, and social injustice while also being able to make listenable music and possess a vibrant image. Thames makes it possible to be heartfelt and have fun […]

Wasting Away – Nobody

Before releasing their full length record, Waves on Oct. 27th, you can listen Wasting Away’s ‘Nobody’ off their EP. This is a super punk rock, blastin song for your hearts!

The Adio Sequence – Snake in the Grass

“The new album “Then & Now” by The Adio Sequence drops later this year! What to expect? Taking ques from their past and present the band blends high energy rock with dynamic dance pop rhythms, lush symphonic layers and their signature sing along song structures! Check out the brand new single “Snake in the Grass”

Ahmi – First Moon

Here is a four man band from Michigan, playing math rock grooves which was very inspiring for us. Ahmi’s whole new album is full of great tunes tracks, it’s absolutely worth a check! Enjoy! Support this awesome band on Bandcamp! Follow Ahmi on Instagram Follow Ahmi on Facebook

John Haesemeyer – Maybe If I Try

John Haesemeyer is a San Francisco based performing artist who fuses folk and popular genres emphasizing vocals, acoustic guitar, and lean orchestral and rock instrumentation. Music Emissions described Haesemeyer’s songs as “deep, both musically and lyrically” – clearly inspired by “the great singer-songwriters of the past: Neil Young, Springsteen, Dylan.” Haesemeyer released his debut record […]
bodies we have buried


“Bodies we’ve buried has achieved what most local bands strive for. Forming in late 2009, they have quickly become one of the top metal acts in the Colorado scene. They were named one of the top 18 bands in Denver by KBPI in 2010 and most recently made it to the top 6 metal bands […]
castle black losing forever

Castle Black – Dark Light

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. The sonic experience is unique, with each song having lyrical purpose, telling a […]
the new resistants onny swar

The New ResistANTs – Onny Swar

“We write the only music we know how to, loud fast punk rock, with an ear for melodies and sharp guitar lines. Formed in 2014 in the little hamlet of Cold Spring NY, we will not stop until we conquer the world.”

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