Blackfoot Hawk – Crystal Valley – Full Album 2018

“Blackfoot Hawk is a one-man band playing rock and heavy metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody.” And here is a brand new release from him ‘Crystal Valley’ just released this week. A stoner speciality now you can enjoy!

Grasshole – The Reckoning

“Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic. The band debuted in 2013 with a “Self-titled EP”, which secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live […]

It Was The Elf – When Beasts Collide

“From Serra da Estrela, in Portugal, the band It Was the Elf wanted to create a sound using all the elements and essence of the mountain. A Heavy/ Stoner Rock sound that makes you experience the rough and the raw, inputted in all the fuzz and distortion, but also the beauty and ambience of the […]

Mother Desert – Navajo

“Mother Desert is a desert/stoner rock band from Greece. They started out as a four piece band in 2015 and they recorded their first album ”Sand Hills” in 2016. They finally ended up as a three piece band with the classic format of Guitar-Bass-Drums. The songs for the new album were written in the beginning […]
twelve boar no forgiveness

Twelve Boar – Elders From The Deep

As mentioned in a post later, Twelve Boar’s ‘No Forgiveness’ was out on 8th September 2017! Following hot on the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Beyond The Valley of The Triclops’ and 2015’s equally praised ‘Pitworthy’; ‘No Forgiveness’ raises the bar once again, seeing the power trio hitting new heights in song writing and […]
twelve boar no forgiveness

Twelve Boar – Snake On A Lead

Step on up for the return of UK metal n’ rollers, Twelve Boar. This is pure rock and roll for the heavier generation! Proving that there’s no rest for the wicked, Twelve Boar have just revealed details of their third full-length ‘No Forgiveness’. Choosing to work once again with renowned producer Chris Fielding at Skyhammer […]
blackfoot hawk high noon

Blackfoot Hawk – High Noon

Blackfoot Hawk is a Hungarian one-man desert rock/heavy rock/blues band based in Budapest, playing heavy rock and metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody. This is High Noon from his latest release ‘Warm Winds’.
howard architect


33.3% Parisian and 66.6% Normand, Howard has the firm intention to sink as much fuzz as possible. Saturated organs, thick drums, strident guitars, the objective is clear: create the most square signal what possible. ‘Architect’ is the second song from them , enjoy! +share!
saturn date burning in the sun

Saturn Date – Burning in the Sun

Saturn Data is a band formed in Messina in 2015. The singer Gaetano met the drummer Lele during an intensive gym session. They took influences from stoner and garage and interfused them. They are releasing the 1st Demo, here is the second song form it. Psychedelic recollections, mysterious tales and brisk riffs are at the […]
heavy harvest

Heavy Harvest – Jar

Born into the cold November of 2011, Heavy Harvest has been creating a loud and angry mix of Stoner Rock, Punk Rock and Noise Rock. This results in highly energetic, unpredictable and chaotic live shows. The trio’s first attempt at capturing this energy was their debut EP „Manson’s Farm“, released in 2013 which was followed […]

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