American Runaways – Help Yourself

American Runaways is an Alternative Punk Rock band out of Albany, NY. As their debut EP dropped out, it is time to have a check on it. This is ‘Help Yourself’, the opening song, getting into your ears with dynamic and fresh rock tunes. Enjoy!

Wasting Away – Nobody

Before releasing their full length record, Waves on Oct. 27th, you can listen Wasting Away’s ‘Nobody’ off their EP. This is a super punk rock, blastin song for your hearts!

Small Town Life – Complexion

Here is Small Town Life from Slovakia, ‘4 friendsplaying rock’n’roll and such’. Their bedroom project started by Jakub Spiszak in late 2014. In 2015 – 2016 known as Crosswalk, that is now a different band with the same name, after the quit of Philip and later Jakub. Here is our favorite, ‘Complexion’ from their new […]

The Vansaders – Roll the Dice

Here is the opening track from The Vansaders’ new album ‘No Matter What’, an evidence of today’s hidden rock treasures in the USA! Listen to their music and you won’t hear a difference between their professionalism and between a band from the top of the pop-rock charts! Absolutely talented music performers with passion in their […]

Hangover – Anarchy

On December 12, 2016 Pedro and Luis were walking and talking about the bands they liked and decided to set up a punk rock band influenced by bands like Misfits, Ramones, Rancid, Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Offspring etc. Luis would take the guitar and the vocals and Pedro the drums with almost everything ready they […]
criss crossed

Criss Cross – Uhh Feelings

Here is a crazy song by Criss Cross, but in a good way! Haven’t seen a video like this in a long time. Finally a funny and happy rock song with a really good music video! Awesome!
the new resistants onny swar

The New ResistANTs – Onny Swar

“We write the only music we know how to, loud fast punk rock, with an ear for melodies and sharp guitar lines. Formed in 2014 in the little hamlet of Cold Spring NY, we will not stop until we conquer the world.”
lovebites Subtle Findings

LOVEBITES – Subtle Findings

Lovebites is a young band from England strated recently. The first song they made Subtle Findings sounds professional from the start, giving a nice punk rock music feeling deeply into your ears! Enjoy & follow!
animal nights fortune

Animal Nights – Fortune

There was a posts some days ago from Animal Night’s, and now here is their new song ‘Fortune’. They definitely Sundsvall’s finest punk pop crew! RockON!

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