TweakerRay – Attacking the Core

If you haven’t heard TweakerRay’s new album, we definitely suggest you should! Get these psycheledic waves’ energy into your mind and have a preview from his new album’s atmosphere. This is Attacking The Core, from the recently released ‘Return’. Enjoy! The store page many ways to purchase the album. To hear his work or […]

Echoes of Dawn – Solar Eclipse

“Solar Eclipse is the first track on the album Afterthoughts. Afterthoughts is the debut EP of Gothenburg-based psychadelic/progressive rock band Echoes of Dawn. It was released in early 2017. They are currently working on the follow-up, their first full-length album.”

The High Priest – Sinister Beast

“At the end of April 2017 The High Priest started “Whats Apping” lyrics with a certain Ben Harvey surrounding a theme of “doing a deal with the devil”, these lyrics manifested into this song.  I then recruited lead guitarist Steve Ellis to paint over the rhythm guitar and bass and vox I had laid down […]
mellt visions glow

Mellt – Glow (Official Video)

Mellt comes out with their new EP ‘Visions’. For the first track off it ‘Glow’, they made a very quality music video. Now thats you can enjoy with dreamy tunes and hypnotic vocals from this incredible Canadian Alternative Rock band. Such a chilling journey!
the foreheads wasting time

The Foreheads – Wasting time

A new EP from The Foreheads comes with this new song. Don’t waste your time to listen to it, this groove piece got magic psychedelic side and also elements of new wave rock music. Such a unique one, a musthear straight out from Europe’s heart, Hungary! Thumbs up for these guys, like and follow + […]

Cedarsmoke – Karma Calls

Warming up for Chedarsmoke’s second EP “Traffic On Solitude Road”. It’s being released on the 13th of March, but before that here is a song form their first EP called ‘Karma Calls’. Like an oil stain, they formed in a garage in Brisbane, Australia. And as you can hear, they play a unique brand of […]
the high priest

The High Priest – Caroline

Cathartic tunes by The High Priest. The song is called – in memory of – “Caroline” from Montgomery Alabama – died 1997. A dark brooding rock track with Baz Bradley upon hearing of her death… The song has had many re-writes and manifestations over the years but they have never felt that it has found […]
the high priest titanium

The High Priest – Titanium

Second song from the exciting forthcoming 2017 EP from the High Priest. Very special guests Steve Ellis on lead guitar, and John Biscomb on drums. “On a hill somewhere in the Navaho desert two men made a pact as lightning seared the night sky. The pact was to make music, to be music,and never give […]
spaceslug osiris

Spaceslug – Osiris

Kozmic Doom trio from Wroclaw, Poland returns with a galactic travel through time and space. Here you have the first single from their upcoming album “Time Travel Dilemma”. First album “Lemanis” was one big interstellar journey that brings the heavy sounds of cosmic mass. Their second, both galactic and musical journey shows another light distance […]

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