WORN OUT – Circle The Drain

Let us introduce some heavy riffs and blastin’ tunes what beats you down to the ground! This is WORN OUT from Ireland, a hardcore metal band and their brand new single ‘Circle The Drain’. Hit Play now!!!

Blackfoot Hawk – Crystal Valley – Full Album 2018

“Blackfoot Hawk is a one-man band playing rock and heavy metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody.” And here is a brand new release from him ‘Crystal Valley’ just released this week. A stoner speciality now you can enjoy!

Nebulous – Lâcher Prise

Lâcher Prise is just the third and demo track from Nebulous, but it’s energy smashes your ears! Quality tunes and sounding from a new band, and the French lyrics just makes more special this four men formation. #RockON!

The High Priest – Sinister Beast

“At the end of April 2017 The High Priest started “Whats Apping” lyrics with a certain Ben Harvey surrounding a theme of “doing a deal with the devil”, these lyrics manifested into this song.  I then recruited lead guitarist Steve Ellis to paint over the rhythm guitar and bass and vox I had laid down […]

Blame Zeus – Speechless

We continue with a really rockin’ portugese band ‘Blame Zeus’ and their second single taken from their second album ‘Theory of Perception’. This is ‘Speechless’ now you can enjoy! Pump up the volume and watch the music video for this song! #SpreadTheTunes

Bridge of Souls – The Answer

6 people, 6 different cultures, 6 vagabond souls, begin their journey through their memories, feelings and lives. Bridge of Souls is an alternative rock group tinted metal originating from Nancy. They will make you discover a world full of energy through their melancholy and their hopes. The diversity of each one is pooled to give […]
twelve boar no forgiveness

Twelve Boar – Elders From The Deep

As mentioned in a post later, Twelve Boar’s ‘No Forgiveness’ was out on 8th September 2017! Following hot on the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Beyond The Valley of The Triclops’ and 2015’s equally praised ‘Pitworthy’; ‘No Forgiveness’ raises the bar once again, seeing the power trio hitting new heights in song writing and […]

Heavenfall – White Cancer

“Heaven. The place to be. To be as others want you to be. A bunch of empty motherfuckers needing company and easy answers. Depriving themselves of individuality they judge from self-imposed status quo. We want this heaven to fall, we need to reconquer our place in this life. Free to be the ones who fell […]
twelve boar no forgiveness

Twelve Boar – Snake On A Lead

Step on up for the return of UK metal n’ rollers, Twelve Boar. This is pure rock and roll for the heavier generation! Proving that there’s no rest for the wicked, Twelve Boar have just revealed details of their third full-length ‘No Forgiveness’. Choosing to work once again with renowned producer Chris Fielding at Skyhammer […]

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