Careless Sons – Bring Out Your Dead

“Careless Sons return with brand new EP ‘Microwave Communion’. A rawer sound displaying the band’s Britpop roots, ‘Microwave Communion’ continues the themes of love, loss, regret and redemption that ran throughout 2016’s ‘Heartbreak Major’ EP, but ramps up the aggression pointing a paranoid finger at the ghosts of former lovers, the tax man, and the […]

The High Priest – Sinister Beast

“At the end of April 2017 The High Priest started “Whats Apping” lyrics with a certain Ben Harvey surrounding a theme of “doing a deal with the devil”, these lyrics manifested into this song.  I then recruited lead guitarist Steve Ellis to paint over the rhythm guitar and bass and vox I had laid down […]

Le Flex – Kiss Me

Le Flex’s new EP’s been out since 31st July, and after clicking you can realize how brilliant it is! ‘Kiss’ is the first track from it, a fine electro-pop track with many feelings of love. Really an impressive one, especially the result of vocals.
evering driftwood

Evering – Driftwood

Evering guides you through a magic journey to experience the future beyond pop. This is Driftwood from their second studio EP – Beyond Oceans. Enjoy & share! “Evering is an acoustic duo formed by Scottish singer-songwriters Chris Yendell and Dawn Coulshed with the common goal of creating an original sound within an indie / folk […]
inderpaul sandhu

InderPaul Sandhu – Ring

#iPaulEP – He aint in a race with no one but himself. He is a host, MC and singer. He’s been given a gift and more importantly an assignment so he just tryin stay on job. His music tells the stories of millions of people around the world from your neighbourhood wherever you are. This […]

RuChi – Good To Go

RuChi is a London based singer, this is a new song off his E.P “The Rookie”. Enjoy this amazing rap song, and don’t forget to share and follow aswell!

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