Heavenfall – White Cancer

“Heaven. The place to be. To be as others want you to be. A bunch of empty motherfuckers needing company and easy answers. Depriving themselves of individuality they judge from self-imposed status quo. We want this heaven to fall, we need to reconquer our place in this life. Free to be the ones who fell […]
saturn date burning in the sun

Saturn Date – Burning in the Sun

Saturn Data is a band formed in Messina in 2015. The singer Gaetano met the drummer Lele during an intensive gym session. They took influences from stoner and garage and interfused them. They are releasing the 1st Demo, here is the second song form it. Psychedelic recollections, mysterious tales and brisk riffs are at the […]
another summer day

Another Summer Day – My Own Way

Today’s talented is Another Summer Day with their second song ‘My Own Way’. A nice pop punk rock song with a great feeling, and it’s from Rome, Italy! Enjoy and don’t forget to share it!
mahùt your violin is still playing

Mahùt – Daniela

“Mahùt’s Exalted sounds surrounds the atmosphere and takes you with leading guitar strings and piano tunes. Through their half an hour beauty EP, you are being pulsated into a calm state. Even the effects reflect passionately: life is sweet indeed. Listen the song ‘Daniela’ and do not miss the rest of the EP by scrolling […]

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