Filch – Tip Toe

This is the first track “Tip Toe” from Filch’s second upcoming album “Underdog”! This is the live studio version, which also included on the official CD release, recorded in the chaotic creative little hub down south. Enjoy & share people! Visit their Official Site and Follow Filch on Facebook Another links: Instagram – Bandcamp […]

Blackfoot Hawk – Crystal Valley – Full Album 2018

“Blackfoot Hawk is a one-man band playing rock and heavy metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody.” And here is a brand new release from him ‘Crystal Valley’ just released this week. A stoner speciality now you can enjoy!

Mother Desert – Navajo

“Mother Desert is a desert/stoner rock band from Greece. They started out as a four piece band in 2015 and they recorded their first album ”Sand Hills” in 2016. They finally ended up as a three piece band with the classic format of Guitar-Bass-Drums. The songs for the new album were written in the beginning […]

Filch – Cigarette Break

” You’ve entered the world of the Filch. Disoriented yet aware, repulsive yet sexy, Filch will guide you through the everyday machinery called life. No need for words, no need for irrationally aroused senses. Like it or not, they are all Filch. Enjoy their instrumental stories as they try to paint their inner impressions of […]
blackfoot hawk high noon

Blackfoot Hawk – High Noon

Blackfoot Hawk is a Hungarian one-man desert rock/heavy rock/blues band based in Budapest, playing heavy rock and metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody. This is High Noon from his latest release ‘Warm Winds’.
jakk wonders fifty eight impala

Jakk Wonders – Fifty Eight Impala [Full Album]

Time to get a flavour of the music of South Africa’s No.1 allstar underground producer Jakk Wonders! Ten instrumental masterpiece put feelings into your ears from his hot new album ‘Fifty Eight Impala’. Symphonic instruments chilling your mind with bass boosted oldschool beats. Take this 25 minutes ride to another state of mind, put on […]
criss cross

Criss Cross – Reminiscent

Criss Cross is a 2 piece band who procrastinate on everything but music. They are from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. This is the first single, Reminiscent, from their upcoming album CrossCriss. Enjoy this unique experimental instrumental music. Headphones Recommended!
allan hills

Allan Hills – Collosus

Instrumental music combining catchy melodies and untypical beat, this is Allan Hills. Listen to Collosus, first track on their EP and fly with the tunes! Enjoy, follow and share!
distant dream

Distant Dream – Waiting For Silence

Next in the playlist is a project from Poland called Distant Dream. Here is the first song from their upcoming album “It All Starts From Pieces”. What a play with the guitar strings! Enjoy, follow and share!
mahùt your violin is still playing

Mahùt – Daniela

“Mahùt’s Exalted sounds surrounds the atmosphere and takes you with leading guitar strings and piano tunes. Through their half an hour beauty EP, you are being pulsated into a calm state. Even the effects reflect passionately: life is sweet indeed. Listen the song ‘Daniela’ and do not miss the rest of the EP by scrolling […]

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