Noomy – Be The King

Noomy is a lady from Ghent, currently living in Leeds and she’s looking for band-members in Leeds to play live, and form a band! So contact her if you interested on the links below. And meanwhile listen to her song ‘Be The King’ form her debut EP ‘Resilient’. Follow Noomy on Facebook Get in contact […]

Castle Black – Seeing In Blue

“Hey, hey listen to me!” After Black Dark Light, here is a new song from Castle Black, Brooklyn’s blastin three-member rock band. ‘Seeing In Blue’ comes with a nice official video and fresh, pulsing tunes. You’re gonna love it! Get prepared for dance!

Careless Sons – Bring Out Your Dead

“Careless Sons return with brand new EP ‘Microwave Communion’. A rawer sound displaying the band’s Britpop roots, ‘Microwave Communion’ continues the themes of love, loss, regret and redemption that ran throughout 2016’s ‘Heartbreak Major’ EP, but ramps up the aggression pointing a paranoid finger at the ghosts of former lovers, the tax man, and the […]

The High Priest – Sinister Beast

“At the end of April 2017 The High Priest started “Whats Apping” lyrics with a certain Ben Harvey surrounding a theme of “doing a deal with the devil”, these lyrics manifested into this song.  I then recruited lead guitarist Steve Ellis to paint over the rhythm guitar and bass and vox I had laid down […]

The Voltans – Henry

Time has come, Voltans’ debut EP is out! It contains five tracks, and now you can listen ‘Henry’, within a super cool 90’s VHS effects music video. If you want more, check ‘Sally‘, another great rock song we posted before from this awesome mexican band!

Nilka – Galaxy for Two

‘Galaxy for Two’ is far the best song from Nilka! With full of passion and feelings, her voice surrounds us, like the universe in a ‘cosmic romancing’. This is the fourth song of the “Year of the Escape” series.

Viyellas – What I Saw

It’s been a while when Viyellas came out with their first demo, Song 22. Since then they’ve been through many shows and it’s time to proudly present their debut single ‘What I Saw’!!!

Criss Cross feat. Aatrey – Wanderer

Indian band Criss Cross is back with a collaboration with Aatrey in Wanderer! A bit melancolic, a bit indie, but a very sophisticated one, with all of the beauty of the tunes they play! And now you can get it on iTunes or on Spotify!
the voltans sally

The Voltans – Sally

Here comes a talented band from Mexico called ‘The Voltans”! Playing nice alternative/indie rock what you can’t miss! Their new EP is just out, and this is the first track from it, enjoy ‘Sally’! #RockON!
mellowtone long gone cover letter m in center

mellowtone – keep moving

A song about life, feelings and moving on; a bit melancolic song, but it is a masterpiece in it’s way. Do not miss how the closing tune makes you goosebumps!
castle black losing forever

Castle Black – Dark Light

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. The sonic experience is unique, with each song having lyrical purpose, telling a […]
liber electro Wantonness 3 member band

Liber Electro – Wantonness

A band playing indie formed in Odessa in October 2013 by composer Maxim Gorovenko. It consists of vocalist Liudmila Vasilieva (ex Rockberry,ex 2 Docks), guitarist Vladimir Pavleshchiuk (ex Протуберанс, Dark day,ex 2 Docks), keybordist Maxim Gorovenko (ex Rockberry, Design, Филиал любви, Город, Dreams in cage,ex 2 Docks),Ovchynnikov Oleksii, drummer (ex. Royals, N.o.o.B., Scream of the […]

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