It Was The Elf – When Beasts Collide

“From Serra da Estrela, in Portugal, the band It Was the Elf wanted to create a sound using all the elements and essence of the mountain. A Heavy/ Stoner Rock sound that makes you experience the rough and the raw, inputted in all the fuzz and distortion, but also the beauty and ambience of the […]

Purple Dino – Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire” is the opening track of Purple Dino’s second full length album, “And Now What?!”. A badass track from Greece, pure alcohol fueled heavy rock! Will be out on December 14th, 2017! Stay tuned!

Blame Zeus – Speechless

We continue with a really rockin’ portugese band ‘Blame Zeus’ and their second single taken from their second album ‘Theory of Perception’. This is ‘Speechless’ now you can enjoy! Pump up the volume and watch the music video for this song! #SpreadTheTunes

Heavenfall – White Cancer

“Heaven. The place to be. To be as others want you to be. A bunch of empty motherfuckers needing company and easy answers. Depriving themselves of individuality they judge from self-imposed status quo. We want this heaven to fall, we need to reconquer our place in this life. Free to be the ones who fell […]
false hope for the savage

False Hope For The Savage – VIII (The End Of Violence)

Next on nusonar is False Hope For The Savage, a band from Wales. They second EP ‘II’ just came out, you can taste the fourth track from it now! ‘VIII’ (The End Of Violence) is an ambient post rock magic kidnapping your ears! Enjoy! + share and support the band if you like their music […]
howard architect


33.3% Parisian and 66.6% Normand, Howard has the firm intention to sink as much fuzz as possible. Saturated organs, thick drums, strident guitars, the objective is clear: create the most square signal what possible. ‘Architect’ is the second song from them , enjoy! +share!
blame zeus all inside your head

Blame Zeus – All Inside Your Head

Blame Zeus is a band, from Oporto, Portugal, which began in december 2010. With influences that range from blues to metal, their music can be described as an intense heavy rock, but also with intimate, nostalgic ballads.
a burden to bear

A Burden To Bear – Lanterns

A Burden To Bear is founded upon the ideology of being yourself. Never let anyone tell you cannot do something because you can do anything with enough hard work and dedication. This band proves it. Every single member was told at one point or another that they would never make it anywhere with their music […]
spaceslug osiris

Spaceslug – Osiris

Kozmic Doom trio from Wroclaw, Poland returns with a galactic travel through time and space. Here you have the first single from their upcoming album “Time Travel Dilemma”. First album “Lemanis” was one big interstellar journey that brings the heavy sounds of cosmic mass. Their second, both galactic and musical journey shows another light distance […]

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