mellt visions glow

Mellt – Glow (Official Video)

Mellt comes out with their new EP ‘Visions’. For the first track off it ‘Glow’, they made a very quality music video. Now thats you can enjoy with dreamy tunes and hypnotic vocals from this incredible Canadian Alternative Rock band. Such a chilling journey!
syac disaster

SYAC – Disaster

It’s just a demo song from SYAC, but they already show their real talent! ‘Disaster’ is a very special one, a metalcore song straight from Chile! Get prepared, the first EP from this young band is coming soon! Keep on rockin’!!!
flea’s jump potassium chloride

Flea’s Jump – Potassium Chloride

Flea’s Jump brings some fresh rock to this day with their live recorded song ‘Potassium Chloride’ from Greece. The 4 friends who are creating this great music: ->Sotirs Koutsogiannis-guitar/Backing vocals ->George Tomais-Drums ->William Markoutis-Vocals/guitar ->George Kolyvas-Bass
fuel injection lay down your weapons

Fuel Injection – Lay Down Your Weapons

Inject rock to fuel your heart! ‘Lay Down Your Weapons’ is a demo by Fuel Injection, but it sounds more than just that. They are from the center of the Netherlands, founded two years ago and they’re responsible for making a lot of noise, also known as hard rock. Highly recommended!
thecanadians i dont wanna

THECanadians – I Don’t Wanna

A piece of rock from Canada again, THECanadians are a new brand of rock that’s all about love, metal and everything in between (like punk, video games, pot, pants, beer, cats, comic books, and other shit).

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