Castle Black – Broken Bright Star

Brand new, just released Castle Black now you can enjoy! They’re getting better and better, always coming up with great videos aswell. This one is filmed in Brooklyn, in the heart of their home town, New York City. It’s time to earwitness ‘Broken Bright Star’! Rock ON!

Grasshole – The Reckoning

“Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic. The band debuted in 2013 with a “Self-titled EP”, which secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live […]

Castle Black – Seeing In Blue

“Hey, hey listen to me!” After Black Dark Light, here is a new song from Castle Black, Brooklyn’s blastin three-member rock band. ‘Seeing In Blue’ comes with a nice official video and fresh, pulsing tunes. You’re gonna love it! Get prepared for dance!
castle black losing forever

Castle Black – Dark Light

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. The sonic experience is unique, with each song having lyrical purpose, telling a […]
stone malice

Stone Malice – Ghost

“Stone Malice are a four piece hard rock/grunge band based in Galway City, Ireland consisting of John Barry (Vocals, rhythm guitar) Ray Clancy (lead guitar) Dave Cigs (bass guitar/vocals) and Marty Walsh (drums). The band was formed at the start of summer 2015 and grew around the four members common love of music from the […]
heavy harvest

Heavy Harvest – Jar

Born into the cold November of 2011, Heavy Harvest has been creating a loud and angry mix of Stoner Rock, Punk Rock and Noise Rock. This results in highly energetic, unpredictable and chaotic live shows. The trio’s first attempt at capturing this energy was their debut EP „Manson’s Farm“, released in 2013 which was followed […]

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