Nebulous – Lâcher Prise

Lâcher Prise is just the third and demo track from Nebulous, but it’s energy smashes your ears! Quality tunes and sounding from a new band, and the French lyrics just makes more special this four men formation. #RockON!

Betty The Shark – SOAP

“BETTY THE SHARK is a French-American Synth-wave band based out of a little surf-town called Biarritz, France. The band was founded by 2 very different souls: Lee-Ann, introspected and calm as she basically grew up floating on the ocean (she is also a professional surfer like her father Tom Curren), and the frantic poet Charphil, […]

PILOTE – Follow The Mountain

Pilote is an Electro Pop Lo-Fi band from Paris, formed by Charlotte (Keyboards, Drum Machine, Choirs) and Christelle (Guitar, Bass, Vocals). After the girls met in the winter of 2015, their common taste for electronic music leaded them to compose their first songs with Home Made batteries and Old School synthesizers, all in a happy […]

Bridge of Souls – The Answer

6 people, 6 different cultures, 6 vagabond souls, begin their journey through their memories, feelings and lives. Bridge of Souls is an alternative rock group tinted metal originating from Nancy. They will make you discover a world full of energy through their melancholy and their hopes. The diversity of each one is pooled to give […]
solstice painted green blue logo fancy letters

Solstice – Solstice [Official Video]

Solstice is the third single of the French pop rock and R&B band of the same name, formed in early 2015 and composed of long-time friends Alex Ray and Vins Dona. It originated in the small town of Courtry, outside French capital Paris, where both members grew up and met. This track is part of […]
abaendon one last time ternative rock france min fire

ABaendOn- One Last Time

ABaendOn founded in 2012 in Paris by four rock fans of the 70’s. They blurs the boundaries between styles in the manner of the musicians who fed them like Queen or King Crimson. Sharp hard rock riffs, melodic pop, progressive chaotic rock, vintage and modern sounds mingle in their ambitious yet humorous compositions. Named the […]
kage no pasu its the knp chill

Kage No Pasu – Pain

Back again, this is Kage No Pasu the untoppable French hip-hop/rap band. Now with chillin beats mixed serious rhymes about Pain. This was the third track from their EP Kalishi, but ofcourse, more to come! Stay tuned!
kage no pasu its the knp chill

Kage No Pasu – Chill

Kage No Pasu’s Chill got relaxing beats leaded Eastern sound efffets mixed with French rap rhymes; this makes this track really a unique one! Stay tuned, more to come from Kage No Pasu soon! +Follow and share! Cover design by Pickmean Follow Kage No Pasu on Facebook Follow Kage No Pasu on Instagram
apollo for you heartbreaks and affliction

APOLLO – For You

Here is a fresh song form a brand new band. This is Apollo, an indie pop fromation from Paris/France. Introducing their ng For You, which will be the first track from their debut album “Heartbreaks and affliction”. Listen how such a lovely voice this girl has! Wonderful! Enjoy + share!
howard architect


33.3% Parisian and 66.6% Normand, Howard has the firm intention to sink as much fuzz as possible. Saturated organs, thick drums, strident guitars, the objective is clear: create the most square signal what possible. ‘Architect’ is the second song from them , enjoy! +share!
kage no pasu its the knp chill

Kage No Pasu – It’s The KNP

The Kage No Pasu is Gakusei Face armed with microphone, Miyagi Sensei handling various weapons such as guitar, harmonica, his voice and many others and finally (but not least) Sempuruu the man behind the MPC ! Come and discover their music! This is ‘It’s The KNP’! Enjoy!

Altherya – Salem (Official Video)

Now you can hear the first song form Altherya’s debut album, it will definitely rock the house! Listen, follow and share! “From old school heavy metal influences to progressive metal , with some death metal influences, Altherya, founded in 2014 by Chris Wurcker, has authentic, powerful and melodic compositions, with catchy riffs and a female […]

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