TweakerRay – Attacking the Core

If you haven’t heard TweakerRay’s new album, we definitely suggest you should! Get these psycheledic waves’ energy into your mind and have a preview from his new album’s atmosphere. This is Attacking The Core, from the recently released ‘Return’. Enjoy! The store page many ways to purchase the album. To hear his work or […]

Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 
tweakerray Wired Blocks

TweakerRay – Wired Blocks

TweakerRay is that rare artist who can take a finished piece ofmusic, deconstruct it down to its original vocals and recreate it into a unique masterpiece all its own. This is the first of 3 EP’s of “Escaping Reality” – The Music is Synth and Retrowave inspired and a mixture of electronic and industrial influences… […]
shackled mule who is real

Shackled Mule – Who is Real?

Simon Lister is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and solo artist who previously played with the bands The Climb House and DEAD CLOWNS. Shackled Mule is a band in which Simon Lister is every member. The music that Simon Lister and Shackled Mule make is probably similar to things you’ve heard before but it’s less well known […]

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