Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 
tweakerray Wired Blocks

TweakerRay – Wired Blocks

TweakerRay is that rare artist who can take a finished piece ofmusic, deconstruct it down to its original vocals and recreate it into a unique masterpiece all its own. This is the first of 3 EP’s of “Escaping Reality” – The Music is Synth and Retrowave inspired and a mixture of electronic and industrial influences… […]
shackled mule who is real

Shackled Mule – Who is Real?

Simon Lister is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and solo artist who previously played with the bands The Climb House and DEAD CLOWNS. Shackled Mule is a band in which Simon Lister is every member. The music that Simon Lister and Shackled Mule make is probably similar to things you’ve heard before but it’s less well known […]

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