“AYVY is an Electronic-Pop and Alternative-Rock duo formed in Helsinki at the beginning of 2015 by Hugo J and Mark V. The name resulted as an acronym out of “Audio and Video And…”, denoting the aspirations to eventually make AYVY an art collective branching into Films and other mediums. The Latin American background of its […]

Le Flex – Kiss Me

Le Flex’s new EP’s been out since 31st July, and after clicking you can realize how brilliant it is! ‘Kiss’ is the first track from it, a fine electro-pop track with many feelings of love. Really an impressive one, especially the result of vocals.
liber electro Wantonness 3 member band

Liber Electro – Wantonness

A band playing indie formed in Odessa in October 2013 by composer Maxim Gorovenko. It consists of vocalist Liudmila Vasilieva (ex Rockberry,ex 2 Docks), guitarist Vladimir Pavleshchiuk (ex Протуберанс, Dark day,ex 2 Docks), keybordist Maxim Gorovenko (ex Rockberry, Design, Филиал любви, Город, Dreams in cage,ex 2 Docks),Ovchynnikov Oleksii, drummer (ex. Royals, N.o.o.B., Scream of the […]

TweakerRay – Escaping Reality EP 01

TweakerRay is that rare artist who can take a finished piece ofmusic, deconstruct it down to its original vocals and recreate it into a unique masterpiece all its own. This is the first of 3 EP’s of “Escaping Reality” – The Music is Synth and Retrowave inspired and a mixture of electronic and industrial influences… […]

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