AK – Violets & Roses

“I feel like this track combines old and new, stylistically. While there are definitely elements of “Violets & Roses” that sound a lot like myself, this track includes more recorded instruments than a lot of other tracks I’ve released so far. I’ve been enjoying the organic process of picking up an instrument and starting a […]

AK & Mapps – Home

This is Home from AK & Mapps collab. EP ‘Sonder’. “If I were asked to describe the feeling of “feeling home”, I’d describe it as a feeling of comfort, warmth and security. We originally intended “Home” to be the title track of the EP, however, we thought “Sonder” would be a better title. Nonetheless, Home […]
false hope for the savage

False Hope For The Savage – VIII (The End Of Violence)

Next on nusonar is False Hope For The Savage, a band from Wales. They second EP ‘II’ just came out, you can taste the fourth track from it now! ‘VIII’ (The End Of Violence) is an ambient post rock magic kidnapping your ears! Enjoy! + share and support the band if you like their music […]
distant dream

Distant Dream – Waiting For Silence

Next in the playlist is a project from Poland called Distant Dream. Here is the first song from their upcoming album “It All Starts From Pieces”. What a play with the guitar strings! Enjoy, follow and share!
mahùt your violin is still playing

Mahùt – Daniela

“Mahùt’s Exalted sounds surrounds the atmosphere and takes you with leading guitar strings and piano tunes. Through their half an hour beauty EP, you are being pulsated into a calm state. Even the effects reflect passionately: life is sweet indeed. Listen the song ‘Daniela’ and do not miss the rest of the EP by scrolling […]
10wavesofyou sail

10wavesofyou – Sail EP

Please enjoy a soloist project from Italy. Ambient, space sounds and new discoveries are 10wavesofyou’s inspirations. He makes music to make you think, feel and imagine. And these tracks definitely do! We can say the way of the chilling sounds were absolutely a relaxing experience for our minds. It made attention for our every senses, touching […]
heron stillness

Heron – Stillness

Ending the week with some chill cool tunes from Heron, an instrumental collective hailing from Northwestern Pennsylvania. Their transcendent sound blends resonant, melodic elements with darker and more ambient tones. Heron’s debut release, You Are Here Now, is an emotionally evocative and vividly dynamic musical narrative with underpinnings that call to mind This Will Destroy […]

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