lainey lipson play out

Lainey Lipson – Play Out

Lainey Lipson is an American actress, originally from San Diego, California. Proudly petite with a big personality, she is a versatile, passionate optimist who has always performed from a young age. Beginning with competitive dancing and principal roles in musical theater, to school, regional, all-state honor choirs, and performing at Carnegie Hall, Lainey then decided […]
the verona tidal wave

The Verona – Tidal Wave

The Verona is an acoustic band from Finland. Originally founded in 2002 the band was reformed with a new singer in 2015 after several years of silence. Music style changed from rock to fully acoustic and here is a song from their brand new single ‘Tidal Wave’. Enjoy!
lou mclean empty cans

Lou Mclean – Empty Cans

“Lou Mclean is a singer-songwriter from Edinburgh who writes acoustic dream – pop with razor-sharp lyrics. Performing live, she has no trouble endearing and charming the rapt audience with her quirky, self-penned songs. (Musos Guide, 2016). Lou spent summer 2016 touring her first E.P “September to December”. Her schedule included The Kelburn Garden Party and […]
izzie naylor spring

Izzie Naylor – Spring

Izzie is a 20 year old unsigned singer/songwriter from Cheshire, UK. As part of ‘Seasons’ collection of songs, she is writing songs about life at the time. She use a lot of metaphors because she want everyone who listens to be able to put their own memories into the words. This her my spring story […]
blooming lotus to open your heart

The Blooming Lotus – To open your Heart

The Blooming Lotus was born to bring positivity and love through music. Iana Lemos singing this song to spread the message of healing and freedom. She based the lyrics upon the Ho’oponopono’s hawaian philosophy. Ho’oponopono means “correct what is wrong”, and it is used to clean bad and negative memories that are interfering on your […]

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