Prufrock Shadowrunner – Clinic

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Rollin with Prufrock Shadowrunner,  a Canadian genius and his track ‘Clinic’. Get prepared for some deep beats! Singles and Albums available for download at!

“He has been deemed Ottawa’s most creative and impactful poetic genius. Winning poetic competition after competition, he applies this talent to his ground breaking instrumentals. Creating a new-age, old school persona that take the ears on a new throwback they’ve never heard before. With reviews nominating Prufrock as their favourite Ottawa artist, Pruf is capturing the hearts following the Ottawa sound.

Prufrock has been writing his own style since a young age, traveling the world experimenting with different music scenes he created his own diverse plethora of cadences along with utterly inspirational quotes. Comparing the world through the eyes of a modern underdog, he uses similes and metaphors to relay the complicated scenarios of the world through a comical and eye-opening delivery.”

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