The Adio Sequence – Snake in the Grass

“The new album “Then & Now” by The Adio Sequence drops later this year! What to expect? Taking ques from their past and present the band blends high energy rock with dynamic dance pop rhythms, lush symphonic layers and their signature sing along song structures! Check out the brand new single “Snake in the Grass”

Viyellas – What I Saw

It’s been a while when Viyellas came out with their first demo, Song 22. Since then they’ve been through many shows and it’s time to proudly present their debut single ‘What I Saw’!!!

Ahmi – First Moon

Here is a four man band from Michigan, playing math rock grooves which was very inspiring for us. Ahmi’s whole new album is full of great tunes tracks, it’s absolutely worth a check! Enjoy! Support this awesome band on Bandcamp! Follow Ahmi on Instagram Follow Ahmi on Facebook

Bridge of Souls – The Answer

6 people, 6 different cultures, 6 vagabond souls, begin their journey through their memories, feelings and lives. Bridge of Souls is an alternative rock group tinted metal originating from Nancy. They will make you discover a world full of energy through their melancholy and their hopes. The diversity of each one is pooled to give […]

John Haesemeyer – Maybe If I Try

John Haesemeyer is a San Francisco based performing artist who fuses folk and popular genres emphasizing vocals, acoustic guitar, and lean orchestral and rock instrumentation. Music Emissions described Haesemeyer’s songs as “deep, both musically and lyrically” – clearly inspired by “the great singer-songwriters of the past: Neil Young, Springsteen, Dylan.” Haesemeyer released his debut record […]

Chris Ho – Places You’ve Been

After an almost three-year hiatus, Chris Ho returns to his roots as a recording artist with a newfound sense of self realization and awareness. Out of the ashes of what was, comes the launch of his long-awaited second record. “Places You’ve Been is about feeling trapped inside of old ways of thinking that no longer […]
twelve boar no forgiveness

Twelve Boar – Elders From The Deep

As mentioned in a post later, Twelve Boar’s ‘No Forgiveness’ was out on 8th September 2017! Following hot on the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Beyond The Valley of The Triclops’ and 2015’s equally praised ‘Pitworthy’; ‘No Forgiveness’ raises the bar once again, seeing the power trio hitting new heights in song writing and […]

Valerie Warntz – I Don’t Love You Anymore

Valerie Warntz is an 19-year-old singer-songwriter who has many stories from her life to share with the world. She has been musically inclined since childhood so at 9-years-old she entered into The Sviridov’s School of Arts where studied guitar and piano playing, chorus and sol-fa. During the education, she became the winner of many International […]

Single By Sunday – N e v e r e v e r e v e r

Now it’s time to listen to a four man band from Glasgow. Single By Sunday’s got many fans and a massive following base on social media, playing pop rock, making everybody wet on the dancefloor, especially girls. Check out the music video for they song called ‘N e v e r e v e r […]

Criss Cross feat. Aatrey – Wanderer

Indian band Criss Cross is back with a collaboration with Aatrey in Wanderer! A bit melancolic, a bit indie, but a very sophisticated one, with all of the beauty of the tunes they play! And now you can get it on iTunes or on Spotify!
prufrock humming

Prufrock – Humming

Prufrock – Canada’s coolest poetic artist is back and this is the time to get a taste from his new album ‘DemSay’ (just released)! Listen to ‘Humming’ – our favourite from his new release – a classic track, back to hip-hop’s original roots. Really a dope one with it’s sounding! Enjoy!


“AYVY is an Electronic-Pop and Alternative-Rock duo formed in Helsinki at the beginning of 2015 by Hugo J and Mark V. The name resulted as an acronym out of “Audio and Video And…”, denoting the aspirations to eventually make AYVY an art collective branching into Films and other mediums. The Latin American background of its […]

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