Wasting Away – Nobody

Before releasing their full length record, Waves on Oct. 27th, you can listen Wasting Away’s ‘Nobody’ off their EP. This is a super punk rock, blastin song for your hearts!

PILOTE – Follow The Mountain

Pilote is an Electro Pop Lo-Fi band from Paris, formed by Charlotte (Keyboards, Drum Machine, Choirs) and Christelle (Guitar, Bass, Vocals). After the girls met in the winter of 2015, their common taste for electronic music leaded them to compose their first songs with Home Made batteries and Old School synthesizers, all in a happy […]

Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 

Blame Zeus – Speechless

We continue with a really rockin’ portugese band ‘Blame Zeus’ and their second single taken from their second album ‘Theory of Perception’. This is ‘Speechless’ now you can enjoy! Pump up the volume and watch the music video for this song! #SpreadTheTunes
silent hearts

Silent Hearts – Love is War

Debut single/video of Silent Hearts, “Love is War” sheds light on the internal and external battles people face when they deal with something they both love, and hate. Hailing from Marblehead, Ohio, Silent Hearts draws influence from a wide variety of artists in the rock genre. “We hope to be a place of solace in […]

Stone Sea – Peace at Ease

Stone Sea is a garage rock band with Machiavellian Pinches of Universal Seasoning, based in Dublin, Ireland. “It is said that one day the Sun will swallow the Earth and all other planets. As it gets closer, the warmth will melt the polar shells, feeding the sea, inciting nature’s rage, finally cursing it’s revenge upon […]

The Sunpilots – New Album Preview #4: Breathe

We continue with The Sunpilots’ last preview from their upcoming album; this is Breathe, a song from father to son. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they have quickly earned a reputation as a killer live act & one of the hardest working independent bands in the world. They left their home Down Under in 2010 and […]

The Voltans – Henry

Time has come, Voltans’ debut EP is out! It contains five tracks, and now you can listen ‘Henry’, within a super cool 90’s VHS effects music video. If you want more, check ‘Sally‘, another great rock song we posted before from this awesome mexican band!
the stranges


Columbian band The Stranges came out with a 360º music video and we absolutely amazed! Feel the rock and be part of an imagination, let the music flow through your veins. Worth to check the band’s YouTube channel for more awesome tracks!

Jake Aldridge – Numb feat. Kelly Jenns

The new song, which features guest vocals from Kelly Jenns and was produced by ACJ Beats, will be available via all digital channels from November 5th 2017. Jenns, a childhood friend of Jake’s, has worked with him previously on several songs including ‘Pieces of Me’ and ‘Palm of your hand’. “I have collaborated with Kelly […]

Nilka – Galaxy for Two

‘Galaxy for Two’ is far the best song from Nilka! With full of passion and feelings, her voice surrounds us, like the universe in a ‘cosmic romancing’. This is the fourth song of the “Year of the Escape” series.

Small Town Life – Complexion

Here is Small Town Life from Slovakia, ‘4 friendsplaying rock’n’roll and such’. Their bedroom project started by Jakub Spiszak in late 2014. In 2015 – 2016 known as Crosswalk, that is now a different band with the same name, after the quit of Philip and later Jakub. Here is our favorite, ‘Complexion’ from their new […]

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