AK – Violets & Roses

“I feel like this track combines old and new, stylistically. While there are definitely elements of “Violets & Roses” that sound a lot like myself, this track includes more recorded instruments than a lot of other tracks I’ve released so far. I’ve been enjoying the organic process of picking up an instrument and starting a […]

Mother Desert – Navajo

“Mother Desert is a desert/stoner rock band from Greece. They started out as a four piece band in 2015 and they recorded their first album ”Sand Hills” in 2016. They finally ended up as a three piece band with the classic format of Guitar-Bass-Drums. The songs for the new album were written in the beginning […]

Purple Dino – Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire” is the opening track of Purple Dino’s second full length album, “And Now What?!”. A badass track from Greece, pure alcohol fueled heavy rock! Will be out on December 14th, 2017! Stay tuned!

Filch – Cigarette Break

” You’ve entered the world of the Filch. Disoriented yet aware, repulsive yet sexy, Filch will guide you through the everyday machinery called life. No need for words, no need for irrationally aroused senses. Like it or not, they are all Filch. Enjoy their instrumental stories as they try to paint their inner impressions of […]

AK & Mapps – Home

This is Home from AK & Mapps collab. EP ‘Sonder’. “If I were asked to describe the feeling of “feeling home”, I’d describe it as a feeling of comfort, warmth and security. We originally intended “Home” to be the title track of the EP, however, we thought “Sonder” would be a better title. Nonetheless, Home […]

Careless Sons – Bring Out Your Dead

“Careless Sons return with brand new EP ‘Microwave Communion’. A rawer sound displaying the band’s Britpop roots, ‘Microwave Communion’ continues the themes of love, loss, regret and redemption that ran throughout 2016’s ‘Heartbreak Major’ EP, but ramps up the aggression pointing a paranoid finger at the ghosts of former lovers, the tax man, and the […]

Aurenda – City Blaze

“City Blaze is the third release from Aurenda. A Hard hitting and catchy EDM track fused with typical Aurenda signatures of hip hop and melodic chorus’s. This track is the bands first official anthem, and our first proper look into how they are growing their own unique sound, and brand. Expect more from these boys […]

The High Priest – Sinister Beast

“At the end of April 2017 The High Priest started “Whats Apping” lyrics with a certain Ben Harvey surrounding a theme of “doing a deal with the devil”, these lyrics manifested into this song.  I then recruited lead guitarist Steve Ellis to paint over the rhythm guitar and bass and vox I had laid down […]

Wasting Away – Nobody

Before releasing their full length record, Waves on Oct. 27th, you can listen Wasting Away’s ‘Nobody’ off their EP. This is a super punk rock, blastin song for your hearts!

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