the high priest titanium

The High Priest – Titanium

Second song from the exciting forthcoming 2017 EP from the High Priest. Very special guests Steve Ellis on lead guitar, and John Biscomb on drums. “On a hill somewhere in the Navaho desert two men made a pact as lightning seared the night sky. The pact was to make music, to be music,and never give […]
K80s the moon tonight

K80’s – The Moon Tonight

K80’s is a fresh music coctail from Gdansk, Poland. Feel the synthwave energy and let the joy of our music carry you away! The band was founded in summer 2012. They play around electronics – drum’n’bass, synthpop, trip-hop, generate all of their previews will find in the songs. After many awards they are planning to […]
flea’s jump potassium chloride

Flea’s Jump – Potassium Chloride

Flea’s Jump brings some fresh rock to this day with their live recorded song ‘Potassium Chloride’ from Greece. The 4 friends who are creating this great music: ->Sotirs Koutsogiannis-guitar/Backing vocals ->George Tomais-Drums ->William Markoutis-Vocals/guitar ->George Kolyvas-Bass
swell of tunes like the first time

Swell of Tunes – Like the first time

Swell of tunes’s new song “Like the first time” from the album Oxygen, the first home studio record. “This song is about how much I care about some people that I want to keep in my life, thanks to a lot of things they did for me.” – nice thoughts, nice sounds. Check it out!!!
mahùt your violin is still playing

Mahùt – Daniela

“Mahùt’s Exalted sounds surrounds the atmosphere and takes you with leading guitar strings and piano tunes. Through their half an hour beauty EP, you are being pulsated into a calm state. Even the effects reflect passionately: life is sweet indeed. Listen the song ‘Daniela’ and do not miss the rest of the EP by scrolling […]
hevve six

Hevve – Six

Here is Hevve with big beatz in ‘Six’, the second single off the highly anticipated Year Of the Bangers Vol. 1 EP called “20/20”. Dropping Feb. 24th 2017 on Spotify, Tidal, AppleMusic, ITunes and GooglePlay, so get prepared! Produced, recorded, mixed and filmed by: Quest (DFP) Instagram: @questdfp
viyellas song 22

Viyellas – Song 22

Viyellas is a four piece Indie-Rock band from Nottingham, England with a demo of ‘Song 22’. Nice chords, pure british indie style with fresh and youthful sounding! The song will be hitting major platforms such as apple music and spotify shortly! So keep in touch on the links below!
airatkhis run faster

AiratKhis – Run Faster

AiratKhis is a 15 years old singer-songwriter, check his new song ‘Run Faster’! “This is song about fear. If you fear something, you must be brave and go to your dream or purpose.”
divinity inhale exhale

Divinity – Inhale x Exhale

Divinity is an artist based of Los Angeles, Ca. Ukiyo is the first Series of the Story, and Inhale x Exhale is the first song on the Remastered EP. “What really influenced me to write this track was the song Home by Madeon. That song was beautiful, just the way it starts with the Synth […]
10wavesofyou sail

10wavesofyou – Sail EP

Please enjoy a soloist project from Italy. Ambient, space sounds and new discoveries are 10wavesofyou’s inspirations. He makes music to make you think, feel and imagine. And these tracks definitely do! We can say the way of the chilling sounds were absolutely a relaxing experience for our minds. It made attention for our every senses, touching […]
fuel injection lay down your weapons

Fuel Injection – Lay Down Your Weapons

Inject rock to fuel your heart! ‘Lay Down Your Weapons’ is a demo by Fuel Injection, but it sounds more than just that. They are from the center of the Netherlands, founded two years ago and they’re responsible for making a lot of noise, also known as hard rock. Highly recommended!
dryvia lines

Dryvia – Lines

Here is Dryvia, a band from Hungary. Their music dominated by metal elements combined with electronic and heavy sounds mixed within a style, which is hard to describe. Influenced by many genres, like hardcore, post-rock, screamo, but you can hear punk riffs, breakdowns and melodic guitar harmonies aswell. The scream is very significant, however they […]

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