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Danielle H – Come Alive

Here is Danielle, an absolutely talented girl with her song “Come Alive” from her new album “Alive and Free”. It’s a pop song about unplugging and enjoying nature with your friends.

Grasshole – The Reckoning

“Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic. The band debuted in 2013 with a “Self-titled EP”, which secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live […]

Skirtz – Curious

Here is Skirtz, a bedroom producer from Costa Rica making nice electronic waves. This is the first track from his upcomig EP ‘Resonance’. He is a pure talent, hit the play button and enjoy Curious!

Careless Sons – Bring Out Your Dead

“Careless Sons return with brand new EP ‘Microwave Communion’. A rawer sound displaying the band’s Britpop roots, ‘Microwave Communion’ continues the themes of love, loss, regret and redemption that ran throughout 2016’s ‘Heartbreak Major’ EP, but ramps up the aggression pointing a paranoid finger at the ghosts of former lovers, the tax man, and the […]

Wasting Away – Nobody

Before releasing their full length record, Waves on Oct. 27th, you can listen Wasting Away’s ‘Nobody’ off their EP. This is a super punk rock, blastin song for your hearts!

PILOTE – Follow The Mountain

Pilote is an Electro Pop Lo-Fi band from Paris, formed by Charlotte (Keyboards, Drum Machine, Choirs) and Christelle (Guitar, Bass, Vocals). After the girls met in the winter of 2015, their common taste for electronic music leaded them to compose their first songs with Home Made batteries and Old School synthesizers, all in a happy […]

Jake Aldridge – Numb feat. Kelly Jenns

The new song, which features guest vocals from Kelly Jenns and was produced by ACJ Beats, will be available via all digital channels from November 5th 2017. Jenns, a childhood friend of Jake’s, has worked with him previously on several songs including ‘Pieces of Me’ and ‘Palm of your hand’. “I have collaborated with Kelly […]

Nilka – Galaxy for Two

‘Galaxy for Two’ is far the best song from Nilka! With full of passion and feelings, her voice surrounds us, like the universe in a ‘cosmic romancing’. This is the fourth song of the “Year of the Escape” series.

The Adio Sequence – Snake in the Grass

“The new album “Then & Now” by The Adio Sequence drops later this year! What to expect? Taking ques from their past and present the band blends high energy rock with dynamic dance pop rhythms, lush symphonic layers and their signature sing along song structures! Check out the brand new single “Snake in the Grass”

John Haesemeyer – Maybe If I Try

John Haesemeyer is a San Francisco based performing artist who fuses folk and popular genres emphasizing vocals, acoustic guitar, and lean orchestral and rock instrumentation. Music Emissions described Haesemeyer’s songs as “deep, both musically and lyrically” – clearly inspired by “the great singer-songwriters of the past: Neil Young, Springsteen, Dylan.” Haesemeyer released his debut record […]

Chris Ho – Places You’ve Been

After an almost three-year hiatus, Chris Ho returns to his roots as a recording artist with a newfound sense of self realization and awareness. Out of the ashes of what was, comes the launch of his long-awaited second record. “Places You’ve Been is about feeling trapped inside of old ways of thinking that no longer […]

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