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TweakerRay – Attacking the Core

If you haven’t heard TweakerRay’s new album, we definitely suggest you should! Get these psycheledic waves’ energy into your mind and have a preview from his new album’s atmosphere. This is Attacking The Core, from the recently released ‘Return’. Enjoy! The store page www.tweakerray.de/store.htmloffers many ways to purchase the album. To hear his work or […]

Skirtz – Curious

Here is Skirtz, a bedroom producer from Costa Rica making nice electronic waves. This is the first track from his upcomig EP ‘Resonance’. He is a pure talent, hit the play button and enjoy Curious!

Morgin Madison – 3AM

Morgin Madison an electronic musician of 7 years, and he has developed a sound brimming with vocal cuts and addictive hooks. This is a cool chill track from his new EP, “All Of This”. Enjoy!

Aurenda – Company

“Here is Aurenda’s new EP: Company, is a heartfelt tribute for anyone whos has lost a loved one, in particular one of thier parents. Company was our way of touching base with our late father, an easy listening, acoustic / chill / trap tune, laced with typical Aurenda signatures of hip hop and strong melodic […]

AK – Violets & Roses

“I feel like this track combines old and new, stylistically. While there are definitely elements of “Violets & Roses” that sound a lot like myself, this track includes more recorded instruments than a lot of other tracks I’ve released so far. I’ve been enjoying the organic process of picking up an instrument and starting a […]

AK & Mapps – Home

This is Home from AK & Mapps collab. EP ‘Sonder’. “If I were asked to describe the feeling of “feeling home”, I’d describe it as a feeling of comfort, warmth and security. We originally intended “Home” to be the title track of the EP, however, we thought “Sonder” would be a better title. Nonetheless, Home […]

Aurenda – City Blaze

“City Blaze is the third release from Aurenda. A Hard hitting and catchy EDM track fused with typical Aurenda signatures of hip hop and melodic chorus’s. This track is the bands first official anthem, and our first proper look into how they are growing their own unique sound, and brand. Expect more from these boys […]

PILOTE – Follow The Mountain

Pilote is an Electro Pop Lo-Fi band from Paris, formed by Charlotte (Keyboards, Drum Machine, Choirs) and Christelle (Guitar, Bass, Vocals). After the girls met in the winter of 2015, their common taste for electronic music leaded them to compose their first songs with Home Made batteries and Old School synthesizers, all in a happy […]

Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 


“AYVY is an Electronic-Pop and Alternative-Rock duo formed in Helsinki at the beginning of 2015 by Hugo J and Mark V. The name resulted as an acronym out of “Audio and Video And…”, denoting the aspirations to eventually make AYVY an art collective branching into Films and other mediums. The Latin American background of its […]

Aurenda – Dancing Ghosts

“Aurenda are a unique EDM / hip hop oriented band, originally formed in Auckland, New Zealand. They’ve held a solid foundation for over 15 years, touring, playing live shows and recording numerous e.p’s and singles under various names. More brothers then friends the kinetic energy that comes from these boys is second to none, which […]

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