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Skirtz – Curious

Here is Skirtz, a bedroom producer from Costa Rica making nice electronic waves. This is the first track from his upcomig EP ‘Resonance’. He is a pure talent, hit the play button and enjoy Curious!

Morgin Madison – 3AM

Morgin Madison an electronic musician of 7 years, and he has developed a sound brimming with vocal cuts and addictive hooks. This is a cool chill track from his new EP, “All Of This”. Enjoy!

Tomás Novoa – Vuelta al Sol

Tomás Novoa is a Berlin based electronic dance music producer. Crafting heavy basslines, organic rythms and emotive soundscapes that will feed your soul. This is a taste from his third EP “Raíces”, released on September 2017. 

The Adio Sequence – Snake in the Grass

“The new album “Then & Now” by The Adio Sequence drops later this year! What to expect? Taking ques from their past and present the band blends high energy rock with dynamic dance pop rhythms, lush symphonic layers and their signature sing along song structures! Check out the brand new single “Snake in the Grass”
the adio sequence lucky

The Adio Sequence – Lucky

The Adio Sequence is an American rock band from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in 2007, the band quickly became noticed for their unique blend of musical genres. With their catchy hooks, soaring vocals, and high energy performances, the band gained a massive following. By late 2008, the band released the LP “Follow the Sun” which […]
ati piwo aquarium ceiba

Ati Piwo – Aquarium Ceiba

Special Central American sounds from Ati Piwo. Aquarium Ceiba is a song from his first album ‘Marimba Profundo’. He dedicates every song on this album to Guatemala, to his mother and to himself!

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