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the deltaz second son

The Deltaz – Second Son

The Deltaz have worked over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and psychedelic rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade studio adjacent to residence in the hills of Mulholland Highway that overlook Los […]
dakota pearl low

Dakota Pearl – Low

Dakota Pearl is a “Big Country” band formed in Pemberton BC out of the ashes of various projects. Dakota Pearl play music which reflects the place they call home. Farm fields, mountains and rugged countryside are the inspiration for ther soul filled songs. Check them out. They’ll blow your doors off !
airatkhis run faster

AiratKhis – Run Faster

AiratKhis is a 15 years old singer-songwriter, check his new song ‘Run Faster’! “This is song about fear. If you fear something, you must be brave and go to your dream or purpose.”

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