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frantic ground departure ep the moon

Frantic Ground – The Moon

FRANTIC GROUND are exploring the twisted new lives of an old tree called Blues, exactly by shifting it. While at times distinctly recognizable, it mostly lives on as a spirit haunting the atmosphere and harmonies, whispering memories or screaming echoes. The destinations of those shifts are intense soundscapes reflecting electronic music, 60’s Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Punk […]
layla roots band

Layla Roots – Kings & Queens

“A band for those who believe, that they were born in the wrong musical epoch. With just three members the sound of Layla Roots is forceful. With a strong voice reminiscent of vocalists of yesteryear and a dark and mystic guitar sound. Old School Rock mixed with Blues and a Spice of Latin. They are […]
the deltaz second son

The Deltaz – Second Son

The Deltaz have worked over a decade to master a wide spectrum of sounds, from heavy blues and psychedelic rock to classic country and folk. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade studio adjacent to residence in the hills of Mulholland Highway that overlook Los […]
marta dc souvenirs

MARTA – DC Souvenirs

MARTA is a bluespunk band with a knack for flexing the pop muscle. MARTA sings lovesongs for Klingons and fuzz-odes for 50 feet women. MARTA is made up of brothers (Günther Paulitsch, drums and Stephan Paulitsch, bass) and lovers (Julia Hager, lyrics and Paul Plut, vocals/guitar) and is based in Vienna/Graz, Austria. They’re currently working […]

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