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Noomy – Be The King

Noomy is a lady from Ghent, currently living in Leeds and she’s looking for band-members in Leeds to play live, and form a band! So contact her if you interested on the links below. And meanwhile listen to her song ‘Be The King’ form her debut EP ‘Resilient’. Follow Noomy on Facebook Get in contact […]

Behølder – Breakup Dress

Now here is an experimental alternative band with some neo-psychedelia and avant-pop impression. Their first stuff ‘Nothing Much’ EP is available on every music sites. Have a taste, this is Behølder’s Breakup Dress from Hungary!!!

Castle Black – Broken Bright Star

Brand new, just released Castle Black now you can enjoy! They’re getting better and better, always coming up with great videos aswell. This one is filmed in Brooklyn, in the heart of their home town, New York City. It’s time to earwitness ‘Broken Bright Star’! Rock ON!

The Fall Down – Rollercoaster

“The Fall Down is a five-piece rock band from Pittsburgh, PA fronted by female alt-rocker Murph McCulloch. Other band members include John Grego (guitar), Matt Walluk (guitar), John Eberst (bass), and Cory Chamberlin (drums). The bands’ eclectic influences range from Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith to Coheed and Cambria and PVRIS. It’s no wonder the subtle […]

Castle Black – Seeing In Blue

“Hey, hey listen to me!” After Black Dark Light, here is a new song from Castle Black, Brooklyn’s blastin three-member rock band. ‘Seeing In Blue’ comes with a nice official video and fresh, pulsing tunes. You’re gonna love it! Get prepared for dance!

American Runaways – Help Yourself

American Runaways is an Alternative Punk Rock band out of Albany, NY. As their debut EP dropped out, it is time to have a check on it. This is ‘Help Yourself’, the opening song, getting into your ears with dynamic and fresh rock tunes. Enjoy!

Thames – Alta Delta

“The main element of Thames’ music is the message that the band carries. The band prides themselves on their songwriting capabilities to address difficult topics like mental illness, consumerism, and social injustice while also being able to make listenable music and possess a vibrant image. Thames makes it possible to be heartfelt and have fun […]

Betty The Shark – SOAP

“BETTY THE SHARK is a French-American Synth-wave band based out of a little surf-town called Biarritz, France. The band was founded by 2 very different souls: Lee-Ann, introspected and calm as she basically grew up floating on the ocean (she is also a professional surfer like her father Tom Curren), and the frantic poet Charphil, […]

The Sunpilots – New Album Preview #4: Breathe

We continue with The Sunpilots’ last preview from their upcoming album; this is Breathe, a song from father to son. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they have quickly earned a reputation as a killer live act & one of the hardest working independent bands in the world. They left their home Down Under in 2010 and […]

The Voltans – Henry

Time has come, Voltans’ debut EP is out! It contains five tracks, and now you can listen ‘Henry’, within a super cool 90’s VHS effects music video. If you want more, check ‘Sally‘, another great rock song we posted before from this awesome mexican band!

Small Town Life – Complexion

Here is Small Town Life from Slovakia, ‘4 friendsplaying rock’n’roll and such’. Their bedroom project started by Jakub Spiszak in late 2014. In 2015 – 2016 known as Crosswalk, that is now a different band with the same name, after the quit of Philip and later Jakub. Here is our favorite, ‘Complexion’ from their new […]

Ahmi – First Moon

Here is a four man band from Michigan, playing math rock grooves which was very inspiring for us. Ahmi’s whole new album is full of great tunes tracks, it’s absolutely worth a check! Enjoy! Support this awesome band on Bandcamp! Follow Ahmi on Instagram Follow Ahmi on Facebook

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