TweakerRay – Attacking the Core

If you haven’t heard TweakerRay’s new album, we definitely suggest you should! Get these psycheledic waves’ energy into your mind and have a preview from his new album’s atmosphere. This is Attacking The Core, from the recently released ‘Return’. Enjoy! The store page many ways to purchase the album. To hear his work or […]

Filch – Tip Toe

This is the first track “Tip Toe” from Filch’s second upcoming album “Underdog”! This is the live studio version, which also included on the official CD release, recorded in the chaotic creative little hub down south. Enjoy & share people! Visit their Official Site and Follow Filch on Facebook Another links: Instagram – Bandcamp […]

Big Greg – OH NO ft. LaTruth

Big Greg debuted in 2010 with his “What’s It Gonna Be Like” mixtape while attending college. He was able to maintain a significant following during his tenure in college. Greg would perform around campus during student activity events and anywhere in the city that permitted him. During college, Greg began to draw many comparisons to […]

Noomy – Be The King

Noomy is a lady from Ghent, currently living in Leeds and she’s looking for band-members in Leeds to play live, and form a band! So contact her if you interested on the links below. And meanwhile listen to her song ‘Be The King’ form her debut EP ‘Resilient’. Follow Noomy on Facebook Get in contact […]

Behølder – Breakup Dress

Now here is an experimental alternative band with some neo-psychedelia and avant-pop impression. Their first stuff ‘Nothing Much’ EP is available on every music sites. Have a taste, this is Behølder’s Breakup Dress from Hungary!!!

Danielle H – Come Alive

Here is Danielle, an absolutely talented girl with her song “Come Alive” from her new album “Alive and Free”. It’s a pop song about unplugging and enjoying nature with your friends.

Castle Black – Broken Bright Star

Brand new, just released Castle Black now you can enjoy! They’re getting better and better, always coming up with great videos aswell. This one is filmed in Brooklyn, in the heart of their home town, New York City. It’s time to earwitness ‘Broken Bright Star’! Rock ON!

Imani Omar! – Black Magic

This video is nothing short of MAGICAL! This is Da Son of Blue delivering lay low beatz straight from Virginia. Ladies and gentleman it is time to listen to Imani Omar, the talented MC himself!

WORN OUT – Circle The Drain

Let us introduce some heavy riffs and blastin’ tunes what beats you down to the ground! This is WORN OUT from Ireland, a hardcore metal band and their brand new single ‘Circle The Drain’. Hit Play now!!!

Hevve – Formula

Rollin’ with Hevve, it time for ‘Formula’, a sexy banger track off from his Year Of the Bangers Vol. 3 EP called “Formula”. These beats really got style! Enjoy!

Blackfoot Hawk – Crystal Valley – Full Album 2018

“Blackfoot Hawk is a one-man band playing rock and heavy metal rooted in the blues, which might sometimes be peppered with psychedelia, fuzzy riffs and the occasional clean melody.” And here is a brand new release from him ‘Crystal Valley’ just released this week. A stoner speciality now you can enjoy!

Grasshole – The Reckoning

“Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic. The band debuted in 2013 with a “Self-titled EP”, which secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live […]

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